Press these 2 points near your hips to eliminate lower back pain, hip pain, leg pain, sciatica, and more

Lower back pain is a common problem for millions of people around the world. It’s mostly caused by a strained back muscle, lifting heavy objects, genetics or simply twisting your back wrong. The pain can be mild or severe, and may or may not be accompanied by a tingling sensation in the limbs. People usually reach for painkillers in cases of low back pain, but you should know there are numerous natural ways of getting rid of it.

According to many therapists, acupuncture is the best natural way of resolving back pain and other diseases and conditions as well. This ancient Chinese practice promotes health and balance in the body, and works by inserting needles on specific points in the body. There are literally hundreds of acupuncture points on the human body which can be stimulated for a variety of health benefits. The ones you need to work on in order to eliminate low back, hip and leg pain are known as GB30 and B48.

Massaging the B48 point can relieve the pain in the sacral area, sciatic nerve and hips. It is, however, pretty sensitive, so it should be massaged slowly and gently. According to experts, massaging this point can also relieve diarrhea and diabetes.

Massaging the GB30 point can bring relief from buttock, lower back, hip and muscle pain. The massage is also beneficial in cases of hemiplegia (complete half-body paralysis). And, although acupuncture can help, it’s best to prevent the pain instead of treating it.

In order to prevent low back pain, you should avoid sitting all day long which will tighten your muscles. Stand up every hour and walk for 5-10 minutes, or perform some light stretches. Regular exercise will keep your muscles in shape and significantly reduce the risk of low back pain, as can keeping your weight in normal range. Apply an ice pack on the area whenever you feel the pain, and avoid wearing high heels in order to improve your posture and relieve the pressure on your back.

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