You Don’t Have To Do Surgery: Remove All Your Cysts With Natural Remedies!

Each woman can get a cyst at some point in her life. Removing them can be quite invasive and painful through medical methods, but there are natural methods which can provide amazing results.

Try this recipe:

75 l of quality red wine;
1 lb of organic honey;
½ l of medical alcohol (spirt, no matter of the percentage);
150 gr of Aloe Vera leaves without spikes (prior picking the leaves, do not water the plant for 7 days);
1 lb of coffee from chicory.
How to prepare it: remove the spines from the Aloe Vera leaves and grind them into a blender or meat machine. Add the rest of the ingredients in it, and mix them well.

Pour the mixture into a 3 liter jar and close it tight. Leave it in a cool and dark place for 14 days. Pour the mixture into a glass bottle through a gauze and your mixture is ready.

Consume 1 tsp of it 2 hours before a meal, for 3 times a day. Make sure you take it on an empty stomach and do not mix it with food.

A lot of people tried this beverage and confirmed their cysts disappeared, especially those mall in the breasts, around the kidneys, as well as the female organs. It will be enough to take 2 doses.

You may use it as a preventive measure in order to improve the general condition of our body and boost your immunity.

The cure is appropriate for children, but in smaller doses that should be adjusted to their weight. 1 tbsp. for adults around 60-70 kg; ½ tbsp. 3 times a day for children that weight around 35 kg.

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